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ANTI AGINg/Toning & Lifting

You are in luck, anything we do always comes with anti aging factor. When your skin is healthy and happy everything looks younger!

  1. DMK skin revision facial - no fluff, all treatment, straight to the point. DMK facial treatment can do more than a traditional facial massage, it toning and firms so much that you can still feel the ridiculous tightness after the facial. Best of all, it fixes the cell functionality.

  2. Deluxe custom facial - perfect place to start, we customize your needs with a balance of skin food and relaxation.

  3. Express custom facial - a quick half hour visit, enough to sluff off some dead skin and rejuvenate. it’s great for someone who is younger who wants to keep up as a maintenance plan. or for someone who likes to come in more frequently without spending too much time and money at once.

  4. Signature custom facial - a hour of head to toe pampering, a little tipsy but not drunk in indulgen. Skin first, relaxation second.

possible treatment plans:

  • DMK skin revision enzyme treatment (toning and lifting)

  • Microdermabrasion series

  • Dermaplaning series

  • nutrient rich algae mask / jelly mask

  • High frequency / microcurent


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