Skin Classic Home Care


After treatment it is common to feel irritation as well as redness. Some crusting may form on the areas treated. If the area is still irritated by the end of the day, a clean baggie of frozen peas works well. The peas defrost quickly so there is usually no chance of skin damage. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER:

• Wash with gentle cleanser and fingertips

• Pat dry


• Use a moisturizer with 30 SPF or more every day

• Do not get areas wet; for example, wash face at vanity or shower with your back to water if face treated; keep hands out of water if hands treated. (Crust becomes soggy and sloughs quickly....crusts are Nature’s Band-Aids

• Crusts will slough in 5-7-10-14 days depending on individual (hands on the longer side)

• Do no use any harsh or anti-aging products while crusted

• Absolutely no picking or scratching!

• No procedures in the areas of treatment for 30 days

• After crusts have sloughed and skin is smooth you may resume your skin regime as suggested by your therapist

• Areas may continue to be pink until completely healed ➢ Continue to wear SPF of 30 or more....forever!

Questions or concerns? Call or text your Skin Classic Technician!